Thursday, July 2, 2009

Random Thoughts: Episode 1

  • Still haven't seen the new Transformers movie. Maybe this Saturday @ AMC Burbank. I've been saving my movie giftcard for this =)
  • Love the new Pinkberry yogurt flavors: coconut and passionfruit. i lyk the coconut better but pomegranate is still the best! i'm craving for one right now!
  • Just found out my bf accepted his ex gf's friend request on friendster. He never mentioned it and it bugs the hell outta me ='(
  • Scored this cute 'Urban Jungle' bed-in-a-bag from Walmart for only $49 + tax! Sweeet!
My favorite corner...my bed
  • How i wish i joined the lovely blogger ladies' IMATS meet up and Pow Wow here in L.A. but i am extremely shy in person. I really need to work on my social skills.
  • Kinda regret that I didn't get anything from the Gucci Spring/Summer Sale. I guess it's okay. It's a matter of NEED vs WANT. Don't really need it now.
  • Made super potent jello shooters for bridal shower that i attended...
  • Two of my fish died after i changed the water. RIP my guppies! Now I only have 2 left: angel fish and pearl gourami which i had eversince I started my fish tank.
  • Have a new found love for SPANX Higher Power. Thanks to ViVi's post which inspired me to try them. I need another one in nude.
  • I got hit on by an older guy (maybe in his 40s yesterday. Eeeew! I was crossing the street when he saw me then he asked, "Can you help an old man cross the street?" I replied, "Hey, you're not that old!"
  • Currently addicted to Sims 2 Castaway for Wii but stuck coz i can't find a boar! I named my sims after Boys Before Flowers characters lol! i hope they come out with Sims 3 for Wii or DS soon.
  • No work tomorrow yay! I'm just gonna R-E-L-A-X!


Anonymous said...

I love your bed! and look at those poor guppies~ haha

DSK said...

You get pinkberry!! I'm jealous! SOO JEALOUS :P

Jasmin said...

you haven't seen transformers yet? ahhh.. you should! haha. I want to see it again.. Yum, pinkberry! Well, you're going to AMC in Burbank, then you can stop by pinkberry across the theatre.. hhaha. Awww.. Boo for the the ex's friend request.. I get that feeling as well. By the way, love the new sheets! awesome! have a great weekend!

Niicole said...

great random post! ugh! i hate anything that has to do with ex girlfriends or girls for that matter =T cute bed spread btw

becky said...

i like the new bed spread. walmart has some pretty cool things. Are you talking about an x gf or just a friend of your bf? If its an x gf, It would bug me too. Im not too understanding when it comes to x's.

oh by the way, i liked the first transformers better. The 2nd one was action packed and all and the special effects is better but the acting sucks sooo bad ugh! But then again, i guess its all about the robots.

Lizzard said...

are those penises!!!! hahahah i love it; and i don't think we have pinkberry here on the east coast :( lucky girl

Edna said...

Cute sheets. MMM, I wish they had Pinkberry up in Norcal. I feel the same as you (soscial-wise). I'd be too shy to meet up, but I'm taking it one step at a time!

Awww, if your bf's ex isn't doing provoking anything, there's nothing to worry about... but yes, I wouldn't like it if my BF added his ex on a social network :(

Dana Yoshimizu said...

You need to see Transformers, it's so good, I really liked it. & I can't believe that your bf accepted his ex gf's request without even saying anything. I don't think I would've allowed that at all, just because I don't think that stuff like that is necessary. & I'm sorry to hear about your guppies
But hey, those jello shooters look pretty good! ;) haha

Leia said...

Love that picture of your bed!

ingrid717 said...

I had the same problem with my husband. We were boyfriend and girlfriend then, but, he added his ex to his myspace and failed to tell me. It bothered me and it became a BIG MESS. We got over that trust hump. He just needs to let you know those kinds of things.