Monday, December 21, 2009

Pre-Xmas Haul: Shisem and E.L.F. + Random Pics

That's Shisem Twin# 4 on me. I know a lot of you have been on the hunt for Shisem lashes. Well, your search is over because Ms. Jojo of got these goodies in stock and ready to ship. Check out her Shisem online store here. She also sells circle lenses btw.
$4 for box with 1 pair $6 for box with 2 pairs I never knew her online store existed until she left a comment on one of my previous posts. We've exchanged e-mail messages since then. @Jojo: Thanks hun! Your words of wisdom helped me through my grieving process when the bf was being a jerk ignoring me. I appreciate your sweet lil note and the freebies. UPDATE: My bf and I have recently reconciled and hopefully use that negative experience to better ourselves and treat each other with utmost respect. oOoOoOo Now on to my ELF haul... Check out Retailmenot for discount codes. 11-piece studio brush collection $30 Large brush holder $15 I ordered two of the brush set, holder, shampoo, and daily cleaner. One for me and the other as a gift for my gf. Here's a vid on how to use these brushes: More ELF haul: Lip Primer & plumper-$3 Translucent Mattifying Powder-$3 Concealer Pencil & brush-$3 Lip Definer & Shaper-$3 Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths-$3 2 Brush Shampoos & 2 Daily Cleaners (not pictured)-$3 ea 5 Nail Polish Trios (not pictured)-$3 ea ELF messed up once again and forgot to ship some of the items. They apologized and promised to ship the missing items right away. Sucks tho coz those are supposed to be giveaways for our xmas get-together held the other night. Here are some pics: CLICK PHOTOS TO ENLARGE Christmas is just around the corner and I still need to finish my shopping! Have a happy and safe holiday my luvlies!!! ***

Sunday, December 13, 2009

DIY Project Stud Crazeee Update

I finally got done studding the white blazer that I got from Sorry, I wasn't able to take a before photo because I was so excited to get my stud on! My order also came with this super cute clear bear dangling earrings. Free with any purchase of "Cherry Girl" brand item... Now back to studding. I was going to use the hotfix nailheads but ended up using the real pyramid square studs (with prongs in the back) to make it look more like the real thing. Whew! It took me about 5 hours to do it but ofcourse with breaks here and there. My hands hurt after but it was all worth it. I'm so proud of myself ;) Up close Tools of the trade
  • White blazer/jacket (leather material preferably)
  • 3/8 inch pyramid square studs (approx. 320 studs depending on the size of your blazer) which can be purchased from ebay,, or
  • Jewelry/needle nose pliers/butter knife
I find it hard to do a tutorial so check out these instructional vids from youtube... Another studding project I finished over the weekend... I saw this design online but it doesn't say what brand. I like it though. Tools of the trade
  • Black blazer (I got mine from Forever 21 for $29.80 + tax)
  • Hotfix 7mm silver nailhead squares from ebay
  • Hotfix applicator wand
Check out my previous post for hotfix application instructions. Up close Notice the Forever 21 tag still on lol! My weekend went by so fast. Did I mention I'm going to be the Maid of Honor (more like "Maid of Horror" lol!) for my friend's wedding on May 2010? Gotta plan the bridal shower and bachelorette's party soon. I'm so nervous about giving a speech/toast since I'm not good in public speaking. I already got my dress but it's a little tight on the waist. Might have a wardrobe malfunction on the day of so I need to be serious about losing weight. I should since I have enough time before the wedding. I swear after the holidays, I'll be back on track. Have a great week ahead of you all! ***

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Haul: Urban Decay Super Stash and Apocalyptic Nail Kit + Swatches

Two items off my wishlist ;) Click photos to enlarge 1) Urban Decay 24/7 Super Stash - $36
  • Rockstar - Dark purple
  • Oil Slick - Black sparkle (new)
  • Stash -Dark golden green
  • Binge - Navy (new)
  • Ransom - Bright iridescent purple
  • Zero - Black
  • Eldorado - New gold (new)
  • Graffiti - Bright green with silver sparkle
  • Corrupt -Brown sparkle (new)
2) Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit - $26
  • White widow - white sparkle
  • Gunmetal - gunmetal sparke
  • Apocalypse - black purple
  • Grunge - metallic peacock
  • Meltdown - royal purple
  • Big bang - sparkling hot pink
  • Fbomb - true red

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Balmain-Inspired Blazer/Jacket Update

Hey luvlies! The Balmain-inspired blazer/jacket from Korea that I mentioned on my previous post arrived today. The power shoulders are not as 'strong' or prominent as I expected which turned out to be good because it would look weird on me since I'm not as skinny as those friggin models. Click photo to enlarge I actually like the fitting on my broad shoulders and the length on my short frame. It fits better than the Forever21 boyfriend blazers I've tried on. What do you guys think honestly? Is it worth the $65? The seller also included this yummy Korean candy that taste like Starburst but even better coz it doesn't stick to your gums heheh! I'm still on the hunt for the white blazer that I'm going to use for studding. I didn't like the boyfriend blazer from Macy's online which was too big and too soft material. I want a 'crisp' blazer. I got one on but it's still in transit. Notice that it's only 3/4 sleeves but it will do...I guess. Use promo code 'TWITTER5' for $5 off your order. Click photo to enlarge Btw, I haven't done my X'mas shopping coz I'm still waiting to get paid on the 15th. I hope I'll have enough. Darn those bills! ***

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Victoria's Secret 'Secret Reward' Card + Sephora Freebies

Did anybody else find out how much they have on their VS Secret Reward Card? I was surprised that I got $100 on mine! I thought I was gonna get only $1o. Now I can do more shopping yay! I better hurry because the card is only good until December 24th.
SEPHORA PROMO CODES I was able to redeem both coupon codes: Click photos to enlarge
Free Kat Von D tote with any $25 purchase. For Beauty Insiders only. ONLINE PROMO CODE: TOTE09 PRINT OUT FLYER: Click Here
Free metallic flower clutch filled with 8 samples with any $25 purchase ONLINE PROMO CODE: CLUTCH4U PRINT OUT FLYER: Click here

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Power Shoulders: Yay or Nay?

Balmain definitely brought back the "power shoulder" look that I've been lusting over BUT I don't know if I can rock it. One thing's for sure, I am not gonna spend my hard earned $$$$ on the real deal. $4000 for a blazer? C'mon!!!! Thanks to eBay and Korean Fashion Stores, average girl like me can grab some *Balmain-inspired jackets/blazers at an affordable price (Buy it Now Price = $60+) to sport the look...
*NOTE: All Balmain-inspired jackets/blazers mentioned can be found on eBay by typing the following keywords on the search field:
  • balmain
  • power shoulder
  • strong shoulder
I purchased the 1st one (black) and since it's coming from Korea, I would have to wait 15-20 days to get it. I hope it fits perfectly. I wanted the studded white but I don't want the strong shoulder look on it. I also think I can stud it better using bigger hotfix square silver studs so I bought the XOXO white boyfriend blazer on sale from Macy's. I love the fitting of XOXO blazers on me. That will be my next DIY project. I'm excited ;)
CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE Here are some photos of celebs spotted wearing the Balmain blazers that I like... CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE Vids of the fashion shows... So what do you think? Would you wear something like this? Have a great week ahead!!! ***

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gazillion Thanks + DIY Project Stud Crazeee!

First off, I want to thank everybody who took their time to leave comments on my previous post. Going through a break up is definitely not easy. He is still ignoring my calls and text messages. I don't know how long I have to wait but I'm sure I'll get by. I'm glad I have this blog and y'all, my blogger support group, to help me through this. I really appreciate your overwhelming support. My two precious cats are also comforting me as if they feel I'm hurting. Although I have friends, I am very discreet when it comes to matters of the heart. Why? Because the 'BF' shares the same set of friends - that I also met thru him. I don't really have a 'bestfriend.' I considered the 'BF' as my bestfriend...and now he's gone. As of now, I guess none of them knows what I'm going through. Only one close friend is aware of my blog (I don't think she checks it as much) and I haven't heard from her so I guess she's clueless as well. I hate to bug her coz I know she's tied up with her wedding preparations. Good thing I'm off this Thanksgiving week or else I'm gonna lose it at work! Since I had to be busy to keep my mind off of this craziness, I picked up a new hobby. I'm not a crafty kind of girl but since I'm obsessed with those studded jackets I've been seeing around, I started... DIY PROJECT STUD CRAZEEE My finished items: (Click photos to enlarge) As usual, my camera has been acting up and the gold and silver colors are not really showing well. a) Studded Blazer Up close b) Studded Cardigan c) Studded Skirt Up close d) Studded Tee Up close e) Studded Off Shoulder Shirt Up close f) Studded Leggings g) Studded Vest Up close Tools of the trade: (all from eBay) Hotfix applicator/wand 'I used the "Victoria Lynn Crystal Crafter" around $15 plus. It came with different sizes of tips for various sizes of hotfix embellishments. It also came with a hands-free support stand. The metal end of the applicator heats up pretty fast so be careful. I suggest getting this applicator for precise application. If you don't want to spend that much, your household iron will do. Hotfix studs What are hotfix? Hotfix are flat back embellishments with pre-coated heat-sensitive glue. They come in different sizes and shapes (e.g. swarovski crystals, rhinestones, pearls, metal studs). Usually sold per gross(144 pcs). For my project, I used mostly metal studs. I could have used the real studs with prongs on the back but it looks harder. I'm sure my hands will hurt putting the studs in even if I have the stud setter. Instructions: 1) Choose the correct size tip for the hotfix embellishment you selected. Sizes are marked on tips. Screw it into the unplugged applicator. 2) Plug the applicator. Pre-heat for about 2 minutes. The tip gets very hot so be careful. Do not touch the metal end. 3) Rest the applicator on the hands-free support stand when not in use. For Crystals and Pearls: Use concave tips 1) Place the crystal side up on your work surface (glue side facing down on the surface) 2) Vertically position the applicator over the iem and with a very light touch, pick up the item in the cup at the end of the the tip. Do not force the item into the tip. 3) Turn the applicator upright and wait for about 10-12 secs until glue gets shiny and starts to bubble. Time will be less for smaller items, and slightly longer for bigger ones. 4) Holding the applicator vertically, lightly tap the crystal/pearl onto the surface you want to embellish. The crystal/pearl will attach to the surface and slide out of the tip. No need to use extra pressure. Gentle touch will do. If it gets stuck in the tip, just insert a straight pin into the slot of the tip and gently push it out onto the surface to be be embellished. For NailHeads, studs, and irregular shaped objects: Use flat tips 1) Position the items (glue side down) in the desired design. 2) Using the correct size flat tip, hold the applicator vertically and apply a light pressure to the stud for approximately 10-15 secs. Larger items require more time. The top of the studs may get scratched if you move the flat tip while heating. You may use a press cloth or handkerchief between the item and the flat tip. 3) If the item appears lose, repeat the process. Happy Studding and Happy Thanksgiving Day! ***