Saturday, September 17, 2011

DIY American Apparel Carry-All Pouch

I was inspired to DIY these pouches by American Apparel.
The original retails from $40 - $70 @ their stores. 

I made four in different sizes and colors.  I love the contrasting zipper/fabric design.

Here's the original item from the American Apparel Website:

I got the faux leather fabrics from (where I usually order my fabrics).  I ordered 1/2 yard of each faux leather fabrics. You don't really need that much but that's the minimum yardage you can order from the website. 

Materials needed:
1/3 yard of faux leather fabric
zipper (depends what size pouch you want)
sewing machine or fabric glue

I just followed anneorshine's video tutorial (Thanks Anne!) but made a few tweaks on sewing the zipper part.  I had to topstitch it to have a more finished/professional look.  Please watch Anne's video here.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Requested: Updated Perfume Collection

Presenting my perfume collection as requested by keitha07.
Yes, I'm addicted to perfumes too!

Check out the yt vid: