Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review: Silk'n SensEpil Home Hair Removal

Do you hate unwanted body hair as much as I do?  Most girls I know just shave overall but I personally use different methods for different areas: 

upper lip and underarms - epilator
 legs - shave
bikini - wax 

It's a pain that us ladies have to go through and I effin hate it.  I have considered getting professional laser hair removal treatments but the steep price stopped me.  Last year, I stumbled upon this product through Mona's blog post aka makemeblushh, but waited and did some more research before finally deciding to get it...

Silk'n SensEpil Home Laser Hair Removal
This at-home device uses Home Pulse Light (HPL) technology to seek and effectively destroy unwanted hair in the treatment area. HPL has been proven to provide long term hair removal results.

Price Range:  $499+

First, let's check out the FAQ video if this product is for you:

1) Physician Recommended
2) Clinically Proven
3) Safe
4) Fast Treatment
5) Easy to Use
6) Minimal Discomfort
7) Cost Effective
8) Privacy at Home

1) Not safe to use on naturally dark skin - racist much? The real reason is that the light targets the dark color (which is the hair) and if your skin is too dark, it will cause burns, blisters, and/or change in pigmentation.

2) Not safe to use on facial hair above the cheek line - stick to threading or waxing for brows.
3) Lamp cartridge refill is $50 - each cartridge can deliver 750 pulses (typically cover 2 legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line). If you are tiny like me, one cartridge will last a long time.
4) Not for everybody - See below why

Avoid use if the following applies to you:
-pregnant or nursing
-exposed to sunlight or tanning machine during past 28 days
-have tattoo or permanent makeup on area to be treated
-have dark brown/black spots (freckles, birth marks, moles, or warts) on areas to be treated
-have eczema, psoriasis, lesions/open wounds/active infections such as cold sore on area to be treated. Let it heal first
-have history of kelodial scar formation
-currently or recently treated with AHAs, BHAs, Retin A, Topical Retinoids or Azelaic Acid
-have abnormal skin condition due to diabetes
-have been treated with Accutane within past 6 months
-have been on steroid regimen within past 3 months
-have history of herpes outbreaks in area of tratment
-suffer from epilepsy
-have active implant such as pacemaker, incontinence device, insulin pump, etc.
-have a disease related to photosensitivity such as porphyria, polymorphic light eruption, solar urticaria, lupus, etc.
-have history of skin cancer
-have received radiation therapy or chemo within past 3 months
-have other condition which in your doctor's opinion would make it unsafe for you to be treated.

-choose your energy levels carefully
-do not treat same are of skin more than twice per session to avoid adverse effect
-avoid complications after use by not exposing treated areas to sun. Wear suncreen spf 30 or higher
-don't look directly at the light coming from the device
-do not use on nipples and genitals
-do not use on areas where you might later want hair
-do not use for any purpose other than hair removal
-do not point the applicator into an open space
-never use flammable liquids such as alcohol, perfumes, skin sanitizer, or acetone to clean the skin before use
-keep out of children's reach
-keep device away from water
-do not open or attempt to repair your device as it may expose you to dangerous electrical components that may cauuse serious bodily injury damage and/or permanent eye injury.

Google for retailers but these are my recommendations with discount code.  I suggest you get the combo pack that comes with additional cartridges.

15% off coupon code NFE570INF valid only until 11/29/10.  They also have smart payment plan for initial payment of $199 + smart monthly payments.  Risk Free 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

20% off coupon code BLACKFRIDAY valid only until 11/29/10. 

20% off coupon code CYBER20 valid only until 12/1/10.

You have to shave the areas first before the treatment.  Well, this is hard for me because I haven't shaved my underarms and bikini area in years since I use epilator/wax.  The device emits light in the target area.  If your skin is not a color match (skin too dark), it will not work because it has a built-in skin color sensor.   Avoid stacking or overlapping of multiple pulses on the same skin spot or it will cause minor adverse effect such as minor skin discomfort, skin redness, increased sensitivity of skin, etc. The first 3-4 treatments should be done every 2 weeks and the rest will be every 4 weeks.  I have only used it twice and I have seen improvement after the initial use.  I noticed that the hairs are growing back but in patches now.  Sorry but I don't wanna post pictures of my body hair lol!  Maybe the bald patches are the areas that I have missed during treatment.  I started with level 1 on the first treatment and level 3 on the second.  I tried level 5 (highest energy level) on one bikini area and pain is still tolerable.  I will use level 5 on my future treatments for better results. 

It works but you have to use it properly and safely. Be patient as each of us have different hair growth cycle.  I can't wait to be body hair free!

Here is my youtube video back when I bought it from previous Halloween sale.