Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Collective "Bloggers-Inspired" Haul

I'm sorry if I haven't been bloggin as much as I used to. I've been tied up with work and some other stuff but that didn't keep me from gettin my shoppin on! Most of these hauls were inspired by my fave beauty bloggers. Ready, Set, Go! NYX Sale Haul (Inspired by: Katrina M. aka Ahoy Mate!!!) 30 Lippies $24

NYX Lipstick Army 43 Single Eyeshadows $43

5 Trio Eyeshadows and 8 Lipgloss with Mega Shine $16

The lasting power of these lipglosses are awesome. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner $18-$19 each (Inspired by: Mona aka Makemeblushhh)

L'Oreal HiP Kohl Eyeliner $12 each (Inspired by: Nu Nu Doll)

This has been my daily waterline liner. I smudge it with my NARS #15 brush after.

Panasonic Eyelash Curler $9.54 + $4.95 Shipping at Amazon.com (Inspired by: Fuzkittie)

If you wanna get those long gorgeous lashes like Fuz' Gotta try that Majolica Mascara too! My Drugstore Hauls Nailene Pure Match 24 Glue On Nails $2 from Rite Aid Clearance Sale

My 1st time wearing fake nails. It lasted me almost 2 weeks with few nails poppin off and me tryin to glue them back on. Lol! It looked nice tho while it lasted. OPI Nail Polish in 'Dating a Royal' $7 from a Beauty Supply Store


Surgi Wax Brazilian Bikini Waxing Kit $6 at CVS

WAX MUCH? This had to be the easiest to use and quickest at home bikini wax kit i've ever tried. This wax is different from the regular honey colored sticky type wax. It's less messy and sticky. The color is light green and it smells like scented candle. Just follow the microwave heating instructions and you don't even need wax strips. When the wax is ready, just apply it to the area of hair growth. Let it cool down for a bit then quickly remove wax as close to the skin as possible in the opposite direction of hair growth. Do not pull wax up coz it might cause broken blood vessels. My former aesthetician used to charge me $35 for a brazilian bikini wax (about 5 yrs ago) and that was one of the cheapest back then. I'm sure prices went up now. So yeah, i highly recommend this waxing kit ONLY if you prefer waxing for down there grooming, and especially to those who are too shy to get their waxing done by other people. Hey if Kourtney Kardashian can do it on herself, so can we! ***


Natalie Jo said...

dang mama! i bet you make bank$$$! great buys!

Rochelle said...

Very nice haul. ♥

Anonymous said...

Ooooh what a massive HAUL!! you got the whole SHABANG from NYX!!! great buys!!! i really want to try that eyelash curler out!! wow cheaper than my Shu curler too!!

amzing haul!! i love reading about hauls!!

12ayOFsunSHYNE said...

Love the haul!

fuzkittie said...

Niiice! I hope the heated curler works out for you.

ingrid717 said...

I like the nails. Does the eyelash curler work well?

M said...

that's a crazy large haul hahahahah. good stuff you picked up!

let me know if you likey the benefit creaseless creams :P

Miss Yaya said...

u got a buuunch of stuff from nyx! i got the lipsticks only cuz i had to cut the spending short... love the OPI too - currently on the hunt for it

*Nehs* said...

great haul! :)

about the lense, yes pretty. it's geo nudy brown. :) I saw you and fuz wearing it that's why I tried it and love it. :)

DSKNguyen said...

SwatchChazee darlin'!

You can always e-mail questions and orders to DSKJewelry@gmail.com. I reply fastest there.

The Holly's Necklace is $35, it's 18K gold plated chain & bail. Golden Shadow Swarovski Starfish Crystal, and Light Amethyst Swarovski Moons <3

AudreyAllure said...

i loveeee NYX eye makeup. lol

Sonya said...

I use to use that wax, but it hurts too much to wax myself...so I just spread my legs for my gay waxer. He does a great job and it reasonably price!

AbcGrrrL said...

hi Marie! wow.. that's a lot of makeup :)!