Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random Thoughts: "Now"

I've been with my bf for almost 4 years now. Friends and families kept on asking us when we're gonna tie up the knot. I honestly dunno what to tell them. Not really sure if my bf is even ready to take the next step. We never seriously talked about it. I'm turning 29 this year! Can you hear my bio clock tickin? Hehe! Although I tell everyone that I'm not ready yet, my subconscious mind longs for assurance from him just to know where our relationship is going. Gosh, I feel like Jen Aniston from that movie He's just not into you...except I know my man still believes in marriage. LoL! A guy friend told me that it's the girl's job to bug about marriage. Seriously??? No way i'm gonna do that. I don't wanna force the guy into doing something he isn't sure of. I want him to decide for himself when he is indeed ready to give up his bachelorhood. I'm the hopeful romantic type who still dreams of a surprise uber romantic and creative proposal and maybe a simple yet elegant wedding. The bf above. I took this pic on one of his guy pal's wedding. He looks so serious here. WTH is he thinking? I bet he's too scared to be next. LoL! I guess I'll play the waiting game for now. Maybe soon he'll realize that I'm really THE ONE and finally pop the question. I'm just gonna worry about NOW and just let things fall into place. I really like the lyrics of this song 'Now' from the group MYMP. One of my fave Filipino Artists. ***


miemiemie said...

you're 29 already? i thought you were younger :) hehe been with my bf too for 4 years..we just turned for last feb..haha and our friends keep on nagging us that we should get married soon coz most of my friends got married at a very young age..hahaha but the bf and i talk about won't happen now but it will in the years to come..don't worry dear, it'll happen when the time is right..sometimes you feel impatient while waiting for something to happen..and it does happen when you least expect it. :)

Dayzee Dukes. said...

hey! i have been reading ur blog since it started n watchng ur youtube as well =)

anyways, my bf and i will be making 4 yrs as well this year (well in 8 mos) but yea im like in ur boat. people, friends, and his fam always ask when are we guna get married? personally i use to want to get married at 30, but i think it lessened by 5 yrs ;) (im 22 now) but shhh! no one knows this!lol. honestly, i dont want to get married but i think when im done with school next yr i'd want to move in at least. but i dont think my bf is ready for anything. but guys will be guys you know lol. maybe u r like let him have his freedom and u aren't needy of his time. so they are use to that independence type of thing. but my bf and i have a great relationship, i can't complain =)

im sure he will propose to you soon. im sure he knows you are the one cuz otherwise he wudnt be with you for 4 yrs & counting! =)

Zuuchini said...

what? are you kidding me? 29! that age never popped up to my mind when i read your blog! i thought you were 25 at max!

I think what you're doing is right. Pushing a guy will make him stressed out and get frustrated. Maybe he's just saving enough to make it big! ;p If you really want to know what;s going on his mind, you can always ask him friends to help you ask him indirectly, or you can do it such as watching tv and there's a wedding and you would add comments "I would like a wedding like or eww i would never have a wedding like, i would prefer this and this" you know?

ingrid717 said...

Marriage is a HUGE step, it is NOTHING to be rushed. I got married when I was 27, I am now 28 going on 29 and we are still married it was no rush. You are right, don't pressure him, because that can turn him off. Everything will fall into place in due time. You never know, he could be planning things out as we speak, :) I get a very good vibe from you, you seem caring, helpful, and sweet. I am the same, and believe me HE loves that about you. Those are qualites many women don't have. Many woman today are TRUE DEVILS. You know what I mean. Your blessing will come soon, everything will fall into place. And when he does POP the question LET US KNOW so we can celebrate online. LOL!!!!!

Janel said...

u look young for ur age!
what's ur secret *wink wink
u're right about not putting him on the spot.
i got married when i was 21!
young, i know. but it feels right & we're still together

the time will come, dont worry ;)

when he proposes, pls share the details ^_^

oh & in response to ur comment on my blog:
i know huh!
i loved quest crew's last performance
i didnt know that bout the asian girl!
i heart her too. lol. so does my homeboi =D he's like obsessed w/ her. hehe.

♥ » Ms. GiLiNG

SwatchCrazee said...

@ingrid: Thanks for ur sweet comment hun! Thanks for being so positive! Rub some off that on me =) and yes, i will let y'all know if ever he proposes.

ingrid717 said...

Your welcome swatch. Have a good day today!

Anonymous said...

honey, you can't be 29!! u look totally younger!!! i say don't bug him about it, but bring it up. definitely don't pressure him. i'm sure he thinks about it here n there! enjoy life and ur time w/him! don't stress about it!

Dayzee Dukes. said...

really? he doesn't know about your blog? but these blogs are good tokind of blurb about things you dont want to tell people in your everyday life right =)

yea i noticed you never put up youtube vids. i always love ur dresses too! those pencil skirt like dresses hehe.

i made my blog so i cud comment on peoples blogs. idk bout updating it about makeup cuz everybody does that and im more of a simple person so i kno no one wud want to see my makeup lol. but yea i'll write about random stuff, but im pretty boring lol.

Yas said...

Girl whatever you're doing is great because you look incredible for 29. :) You know bugging is one thing, but just bringing it up as a question to get his thoughts is another. Keep smiling and being your wonderful self in the meantime and it will make your love grow. ;)

Mermaids614 said...

Honestly, you should bring it up if this is something you know you want. I think 4 years is an extremely long time to date someone and if it's not gonna lead to marriage, then what's the point? Life's too short and there are too many men out there. Just think, a lot of women wait until they are in their late 30s to try and have kids, just to find out that they have fertility problems and then that adds even more years. I know you have said you do want to have kids and get married, so I would say this is the age to start getting things together. Angel, have you ever heard the saying "A closed mouth won't get fed"? Well, translation, if there is something that you have in mind for a man, you better make it known before that opportunity passes you by. Just ask him in a really nice way, basically where does he see your relationship going within the next year. It does seem like he is smitten with you. Talk about kids with him. I just would hate for you to miss out on another man who may be ready for marriage because you are waiting for this guy. Believe me, I'm 32 and those years start coming faster and faster. Check out Steve Harvey's book, "Act like a lady, Think like a Man". He gives great advice on this from a male point of view!!!!! =)