Monday, February 2, 2009

Review: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens

I first saw these pens on a magazine ad and was instantly curious to get them. Anything that will make my nail design easy is a go for me. These are new so you won't see them in most drugstores yet. I read they sell these in some Walgreen's but not in our local store. I got it from ebay seller johnneysgirl73 all 8 colors for $60 + $6.75 shipping. She also included some freebies i.e. clear coat pen, emery board, and cuticle pusher.
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Clear (09), (Silver (07), Red (06), Blue (05), Gold (08), Hot Pink (04), White (01), Black (02), and Light Pink (03) DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Do not apply to bare nail. Apply base coat or polish before use. Allow polish to dry completely. Shake well with cap on. Remove cap. Push pen tip on hard surface to dispense color. Apply nail art design to nail. Allow to dry. Recap firmly after use. Seal nail with top coat when your design is complete. Protect work surface while using this product.
Since I already got my nails done few days ago, i just tried the gold pen for tips.
  • Super easy to use (imagine using a sharpie marker)
  • Fine tip pen makes it easy to control and draw precise lines
  • Ideal for french tip manicure
  • Mistake-proof formula makes it easy to remove or correct without damaging nail polish base
  • Water-based formula makes it environmentally friendly
  • Expensive at $7.99 each
  • Hard to find (at the moment since it's new)
VERDICT: Not sure if I will be buying this again because of the steep price. I can pretty much do these designs using my nail art brushes but ofcourse with more patience lol. I just like that it's so easy to use especially when i'm feeling lazy, in a hurry, or even bring this when travelling. I rarely do nail art so this will last me a long time.


Jane said...

i saw those @ my local walgreens but they were all SOLD OUT! it had a display but it was completely empty!
&i was considering them for tips also but was hesitant due to the price.. i think they're over-priced for a nail pen.. $7-8 each!? too much!

SwatchCrazee said...

@Jane: yea i agree too expensive!

kendy said...

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