Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Haul: Juicy Couture 'Iconic' Long Wool Gloves

Juicy Couture 'Iconic' Long Wool Gloves
Colored bands embroidered with signature Scottie dogs style long rib-knit gloves Originally $55 Sale for $26.90
On the model:
Actual photo: i got 2 pairs: black/grey and pink/brown
I know, it's not even that cold anymore here in socal but y'all know how i love juicy couture stuff. i couldn't resist i had to get these babies especially since they were on sale at Nordstrom at that time. They currently have this at NeimanMarcus online on sale too but for $36 and at ebay starting bid at $29.99.


12ayOFsunSHYNE said...

Really cute gloves girly!

ingrid717 said...

I love juicy braclets!

SwatchCrazee said...

@12ayOFsunSHYNE and ingrid717: thanks i love juicy!