Friday, February 19, 2010

My Vday Recap

I hope everybody's Valentine's Day went well. I spent mine with my bf a day in advance. Do you remember last year was a disaster when his car got stolen on Vday so we had to cancel our couple's massage appointment? We didn't really have anything special planned this year. We just went shopping @ Nordies and I got him a pair of Rock & Republic Jeans and a Studded Shirt as gifts, got my hair done, and had All You Can Eat meat at our fave Korean BBQ joint in LA. What he got me...

1) Red Roses and ) Magic Straight Perm aka Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconstruction/Hair Rebonding You might be thinking Magic Straight what??? Magic Straight Perm is a hairstyle treatment originated from Japan which uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair to create a permanent straight hairstyle that will last from 6-8 months. Below is the sample process which usually lasts 3-4 hours depending on the length and texture of your hair:

I was contemplating on getting it done because I'm scared of damaging my hair and losing all the volume but this salon in Koreatown that I went to gave me a really great deal. Jinah Chae's video also encouraged me to finally do it.

Here's my before and after photo: The hair color is the same just no flash on the before pic. My natural hair is very thin and wavy. To be honest, I wasn't extremely happy with the results. Maybe I get what I paid for? I'm not sure if going to a more expensive salon will yield to better results. I lost a lot of volume on my hair especially on my bangs. I loved my full bangs before ;( The only thing that I liked about it is that I don't have to blow dry and/or flat iron my hair everyday. Just wash and air dry and I still get the "just flat ironed hair" look. Thus, less time consuming and damage to your hair. I can still curl my hair and it will hold but it's best to wait for maybe few more weeks before doing so. RANDOM Here's an old school photo of my childhood playmate and me. I'm on the right ;) THEN I saw her over the weekend after so many years and we tried to re-create the photo by sitting on one chair... NOW How cool that we have almost the same hairstyle and nail polish color! Till my next post! Ciao for now! ***


MaryBelle said...

You look stunning!

Glad you had a great Valentines. Enter my contest!


Kalmo said...

Happy late V-day! Thanks for posting about the Japanese straight perm, I've always wondered about it. I think your hair looks very nice.

charlene-ann said...

awwww hun you are beautiful as always =) glad you had a great valentines =D

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

hello ate angel! im glad you had a fun time with your hubby and i do remember the post you did of your valentines last year :/

girls in the philippines pay super cheap to get their hair straightened or re bonded and the results is always nice. Sigh...

vanillabeanlatte said...

magic straight looks great! its funny how girls always complain when they change something about their hair! With the volume loss in the bangs maybe you could try blow drying your bangs with a hairdryer and round brush to get volume back? anyways i'm a new follower, hope you can do the same for a new blogger around here :)

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Anamika Sureka said...

hey this is stunning!!! Nice blog

renuka said...

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