Tuesday, October 20, 2009

American Apparel Rant

F*ck American Apparel! They messed up my order! I thought it was UPS’ fault for delivering to the wrong address but turns out AA mislabeled my package! They said UPS will return the item to the them. I asked AA to just ship me a replacement since I need it by Friday. They agreed but they will have to charge my account again and refund it when the returned item is processed. WTF? Is that really their policy? How long will that take? What if I do not have enough funds on that card? Are they going to be responsible for my overdraft charges? I don’t think so! I was going to let it go and just have them handle it their way but they e-mailed me that the item was on backorder! GRRRRRRR! I called their toll free hotline and the customer service rep suggested getting it from a store where they would have the item available. I refused because the reason I ordered it online was to save gas plus I also have a free shipping code. So I just canceled the whole damn thing! It was my first time ordering online from them and most likely will be my last. They didn’t even offer to do something nice to compensate for my awful shopping experience. I mean a discount on the next order would be great. I do a lot of online shopping and never did I experience this type of problem until now! I'm so effin mad right now! Okay, change topic...I apologize for lack of updates and responding to comments. I've been catching up on my k-drama addiction. I finished watching 'Shining Inheritance' aka 'Brilliant Legacy.' It's really good. Absolutely one of my faves! What to watch next? Edit: American Apparel's Customer Service contacted me and we are currently working on a better solution for this issue.


A View from the Edge said...

I'm sorry to hear about your experience at American Apparel. I think it's about right that you canceled the whole order!

Linho said...

What about:

Beethoven Virus ****
Delightful Girl Choon Hyang *****
Hong Gil Dong ***** (fav)

or currently airing:

You're beautiful? :P

Kalmo said...

Aww sorry to hear about the frustrating and bad customer service. :( Feel better and haul from somewhere else!

~Lisa said...

Sorry to hear the poor customer service you encountered. >.< This is one of the reasons I avoid ordering online LOL

AudreyAllure said...

oh that sucks about the american apparel situation :( the only places i order from online are urban outfitters & wet seal. everything else i rather go into the store. lol

Anonymous said...


My name is Mike Cano and I'm with American Apparel Customer Service. I'd like to help you find a better resolution to your issue with the order.

Please email me at michaelc@americanapparel.net

I'll be glad to help.

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