Sunday, April 10, 2011

a WICKED night!

Saw WICKED @ OCPAC Segerstrom Hall with the bf last April 3rd!  Been dying to see it since December last year.  He's been asking what I wanted for our anniversary this month and I begged that we watch WICKED.  I guess he really loves me cause he still agreed eventhough he's not into musicals.  Most straight guys aren't anyway.  We saw the last show on the last day.  Since it's quite far of a drive, we left home early to avoid traffic.  We got there like 2 hours prior to start of show so we stopped by Pat & Oscar's to have early dinner. We love eating @ this restaurant since the food is good and super inexpensive. Love their unlimited breadsticks!


While waiting for the show to start.  See my bf's reflection?

Sported my custom shirt I designed from spreadshirt.com
"Don't make me bust out my flying monkeys"

Cast of Characters

View from our seats: Orchestra W5 and W6

Me and the programme

After the show with R. Lippold's Fire Bird sculpture in the background

View of the Renee and Henry Segerstrom Hall

The show lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes including intermission.  Although it's my first time watching it, I already know the songs by heart since i bought the album soundtrack couple months ago and i always play it at work and before i go to bed! LoL, im such a hardcore fan! I already know most of the scenes too because i've been consistently watching them on youtube...but it's still awesome seeing the show live.

The role of Elphaba was played by Christine Dwyer who is only a standby but her performance blew me away.  Galinda was played by Natalie Daradich - she's alright.  Fiyero was played by Daniel Torres who is also a standby but he is soo dashing as Fiyero...then i found out he's gay in real life ;)  dont judge me, i do love my gays.  Overall, the show was great! Can't think of any bad review on this.  I just wish I could have watched it closer.  Damn, we already got orchestra seats and it still seems far!  Good news that it's coming to Pantages Theater late this year so I'm certain I'm gonna see it again and with better seats!  5 Stars for Wicked!!!

One of my fave scenes from the show (Aside from Defying Gravity):


Kaycee said...

So glad you enjoyed it - Wicked is my favourite musical of all time. And I LOVE the shirt you made! So cute. (:

Kaycee x

CHARRY said...

love your outfit! especially the blazer ;)