Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bikini Ready for Vegas Weekend + My Fave AYCE Korean BBQ Place

Since I'm going to Vegas from August 20-22, and planning to spend some time on the pool, I went ahead and got Brazilian bikini wax done professionally.  It wasn't my first time so I know what to expect.  I have tried a few times doing it myself at home with surgiwax but I hate it when I can't get to those hard to reach areas.  I get lazy and just use epilating cream.  I searched and found this place on yelp and was sold right away when I saw the $25 web special price.  I was surprised because this is cheap considering it's located in Melrose Avenue area.  I used to pay more than this years ago!

8500 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

 It was a slow afternoon, around 5-ish p.m., and I was the only customer when I came in.  I was greeted by "Ina" in the reception desk.  To get the best experience, I lied and told her that it was my first brazilian waxing. She told me to expect that the first time would hurt especially if I've never waxed before; however, It will eventually be better the next time. She reassured me that it won't be as bad as I thought it would be.  She then left to call my assigned aesthetician.  While waiting for her, I took some photos of the place inside...

This is the view from the inside facing the street.  Those look like facial masks that they use.  I should have asked them what those were.

They also have clothes on the rack displayed that they are prolly selling.  Didn't even check the price tag.  After all, I was there on a mission...

Here's their vanity and some beauty products they're selling displayed on the side...

One of the cute chandeliers on their high ceiling...

Some photos of their celeb clients on the wall...also posted on their website

Reception Desk

I didn't take photos of my aesthetician "Ape" or "Age" (don't know the spelling) since I was too embarrased to ask her. I took a quick photo of the room after she left when she asked me to disrobe and just leave my top and undies.  It ain't that fancy but it was clean...

I lied on my back, my undies was kept intact while she instructed me to pull it away from the areas she was working on.  She did the sides first.  I was hoping for the head and neck massage that I read on the yelp reviews but didnt get it.  Maybe they were short staffed or something that day.  A little chit chat here and there.  My favorite part was when she thought I was only 18 years old when I'm already 30 lol.  I was testing her knowledge too and asked about waxing 411.  From her answers, you can tell that she was really experienced.  She was also an aesthetician back in her county (Russia - I think) and she's only been here in the US for 10 years like me.  The establishment has been around for 28 years.  She was really gentle and would use tweezer for those stubborn hairs.  She puts powder after finishing an area.  Dunno if I have a higher pain threshold than anyone but it didn't hurt me at all.  It was just a pinch!  It's not my first too anyway.  She mentioned that it's additional $10 if I wanted the back side (around b-hole) done which didn't surprise me because I read it on the yelp reviews and was ready for it.  She did a quick but wonderful job!  I ended up paying $35 + tip.  I was out there by 6pm.

Ofcourse I had to take pics of the bathroom.  Clean and well maintained.

Couch inside...my Chanel doing a cameo

Would I go there again?  Yes.
Would I recommend it?  Yes.

How bout you?  Any good brazilian bikini waxing places you can recommend around the LA area?  Let me know!  Search ain't over yet!

Then we went to our favorite A.Y.C.E (All You Can Eat) Korean BBQ place for dinner...

2897 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 105
Los Angeles, CA

We always go for the $9.99/person menu...lots of meat choices for the price huh?

$15.99/person menu

Bf grillin it


Kimchi Princess...my 2nd plate!

Well done please baby!

My other fave is their very tasty beansprouts...notice I bring my own chopsticks (Petit Amor) which I got from Little Tokyo sometime ago.

$0.50 milk coffee/hot choco after our meal...yumm!

Our tummies are happy!
Now I need to start packing for Vegas!
Have a great weekend y'all!



Eugenia said...

You do not understand how jealous I am of the Korean restaurant! All the ones here don't have it where you cook it yourselves :(

~Lisa said...

:O Yummy food!!