Thursday, August 20, 2009

NOTD: Louboutin Nails Feat. Knock Out Nail Polishes

ITEMS USED: Knock Out 'Flatte Top' as base/top coat Knock Out 'Karen' on the underside of nails Knock Out 'Flatte Black' on top of nail I've been wanting to do the Louboutin mani eversince I saw this ad...
Too bad I can't keep my brittle nails this long. This is as close as I can get to Christian Louboutin shoes ;) I can drop major $ on designer bags...but not on shoes. *** MATTE NAILS I was bloghopping when I saw a post about these Knock Out polishes. I then remembered I ordered some back in March of this year but never received them. The price was $22 each back then (now it's $19). I must have been pretty occupied to forget about those. I immediately e-mailed their customer service asking for re-shipment or refund eventhough there's no guarantee they'll respond since it's been almost 5 months. They replied the same day apologizing and promising they will include free polishes to make up for it (i only got 2 extras, but still!). I was very pleased with their great customer service. Without further ado... Knock Out Nail Polishes $19 each (16.5 ml/0.56 fl oz) koknockout.com Click photos to enlarge
Up close
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Starts flatte (matte) and wears into satin after a few hours. Keep using with 'Flatte Top' to re-flatten your nail polish and extend the matte look.
In case you're wondering, it looks nice with regular glossy top coat too. PROS:
  • perfect for fall
  • matte look stays for hours unlike other brands of matte polishes
  • bigger compared to regular sized polish - u pay more but u get more product
  • great customer service
  • expensive if u have limited budget
  • takes time to dry because of thicker consistency
  • few color selection
  • not all people dig matte look
VERDICT: Note that I got KO back in March...meaning the other brands' matte collections are non-existent then so I have nothing to compare it with except for Man Glaze which is not really matte because it has tiny glitters. I suggest you check out cheaper alternatives first. KO's price really turned me off. I noticed Sephora by OPI got great color selection for their matte collection. I wonder though if the matte's staying power is as good as KO's. You can also just get KO's FLATTE TOP and use it with regular polishes. I like it better than Orly's Matte Top. If you have any suggestions for good matte polishes, lemme know! Thanks lovelies! imma leave you with this most recent pic of me and my bF. It's our 4.4 anniversary tomorrow! ***


Kalmo said...

Oh what a fun manicure! KO polishes are so expensive, it's good that they gave you freebies since their shipping was terrible. You should look into Essie Matte About You top coat then you can turn any color in your collection mate! :)

Marylynn said...

those matte colors are so cool

Tamara said...

You should try one little miracle thing.

Essie - Matte about you. It's a matte top coat that turns every nail polish into matte!

Lisa Drives A Van said...

Wow thats my kinda nail polish!
Love you retake on the Lou.B nails

Anonymous said...


Eugenia said...

aww cute pic.. happy belated anniversary!!

JL ♪ GiLiNG said...

MsGiLiNG.blogspot.com: ooh those look awesome. i don't think i'd fork out that much though =[ Maybe I'll just check out your other suggestions, hehe.

MzAddy said...

hi there,
Pinay ka pala...:D

Thank you for following my blog site...love yours!


DENiSE said...

i kinda wanna try matte nail polish. how does it feel when you touch it, does it feel rough? i like ur inspiration never thought of that. i must try it.

Anonymous said...

wow i never seen anything matte nail polish before ..first time at your blog looks pretty and wow for the price hehe its like 900 php for single nail polish wooot that pretty expensive

anyways love your blog and channel :D. thank you so much for dropping by i appreciate it ;D it's an honor .mwah

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oOo I love matte nails! :D I've yet to get my own matte nailpolish, but it looks so awesome! ^__^

M said...

oh its so cute! makes me want a pair of shoes with the mani!